Javascript developer with way too many side projects. But hey, it's fun!

Maël Nison

My personal projects you might like

  • Secret Santa

    This very low-effort web application lets you setup secret santas without having to register to services full of ads, or sharing your participants email. Just fill the form, press the button, and share the generated links!

  • Magic Bin

    MagicBin is a CLI application letting you manage live process via a live daemon. I use it to describe the dev environments I work on so that I can then spawn all required services in one go.

  • Typanion

    Typanion is a companion library initially built to provide runtime validation to Clipanion, but ending up being very useful on its own, like for server-side validation. Like Clipanion, Typanion features a very good builtin TypeScript integration using the exact same syntax as pure JavaScript.

  • Clipanion

    Clipanion is a framework intended to quickly write CLI applications with a full TypeScript coverage, while keeping the syntax as idiomatic as possible (so that you can completely discard TypeScript if needed). More than just a type library, Clipanion provides all sorts of CLI features - all those required to support one of the largest Node CLI application: Yarn!