Javascript developer with way too many side projects. But hey, it's fun!

Maël Nison

Aka “Arcanis”

  • Yarn

    For the past 4 years or so I've been lead maintainer for Yarn, the beloved JavaScript package manager. It led me to simultaneously wear many hats: outreach, design, support, team lead, and many more. I'm very proud of the work our team is making there 😊

  • JSNation 2022 (& DevOps.js)

    "In the past years Yarn took a spot as one of the most common tools used to develop JavaScript projects, in no small part thanks to an opinionated set of guiding principles. But what are they? How do they apply to Yarn in practice? And just as important: how do they benefit you and your projects?

    In this talk we won't dive into benchmarks or feature sets: instead, you'll learn how we approach Yarn’s development, how we explore new paths, how we keep our codebase healthy, and generally why we think Yarn will remain firmly set in our ecosystem for the years to come."

  • Datadog

    After a few years in London the Brexit ambiance started to weigh on me, so I decided to go back to Paris and help building the fresh JavaScript Platform team at Datadog. We are tasked with managing the tools and workflows that our frontend engineers use everyday!

  • JSConf EU 2019 (& React Europe)

    "Since its creation in 2016, Yarn continuously pushed for better standards in the JavaScript ecosystem in particular. Dependency locking, built-in monorepos, zero-network modes, Plug’n’Play resolution, we’ve been on all fronts. Let’s discuss what we have in store for the future, and what it means for our ecosystem!"

  • Facebook

    I moved to London to join Facebook in February 2017, focusing my efforts on improving the state of their JavaScript tools. I stayed there for about two years and a half!

  • Wisembly

    About four years after my internship, Wisembly offered me a really nice full-time position in their team as frontend engineer. My work there was to setup a new test environment, to rewrite a third of the application using React, and similar stuff.

  • Start9

    Start9 was a multi-system console emulator, which could be used without any installation (the emulators themselves were written in JavaScript). It supported saves, filters, smartphone-as-a-controller... quite a lot, really. I wanted to monetize it somehow, but it didn't work out and I moved on. Funny story, I even applied to YCombinator with it! But I didn't get invited 😄

  • Paris.js

    I used to regularly showcase my projects during the Paris.js meetups. Some of them have even been filmed (second part)! Very fun to do, I definitely advise you to jump in and try for yourself (even if it might get stressing the first few times :)

  • Sketchfab

    Sketchfab is the leader of the 3D content publishing on the web. Using advanced technologies such as WebGL, they give artists a convenient way to showcase their works. It got acquired in 2021 by Epic Games.

  • Canada

    I spent a year in Canada (Montréal) for my studies. A great country, with great people! On top of meeting caribous and drinking mapple syrup, I also gave a few talks at JSMontréal.

  • And a hell lot more of various projects — FFIX, particles, prolog, compilers, user interfaces, … :)